As a part of Radio 4EB’s continuing collaboration with Women of the World (WOW) Australia, after a year of post-COVID delays, the Radio 4EB team was finally able to head outback again this month. This time to Longreach, even further North and West than our last voyage to Charleville.

Featuring a series of daring, thought-provoking festivals in towns across Queensland, the WOW (Women of the World) Australia festivals strive to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of women and girls living in regional and distant locations. While also acknowledging the ongoing issues of gender as a barrier to reaching life’s goals.

This time round, our daring crew braved the subsiding flood waters to swelter in 43-degree temperatures! In a convoy consisting of the 4EB Outside Broadcast (OB) Van, a people mover full of volunteers and a cargo van full housing three HUGE foam letters (and an exclamation mark) spelling out WOW!

Whilst Radio 4EB’s dynamic broadcasting duo of Trish MC and Big Willy James thrilled listeners with a live broadcast from the event, the station also hosted a podcast and storytelling workshop addressing the fundamentals of creating, producing, and distributing a podcast, with a focus on telling a story the way ‘you’ want to tell it. Workshop participants were then given on-the-spot recorders and spent the rest of the festival conducting interviews with attendees and putting their own podcasts together.

You can listen to the complete broadcast, as well as the participant interviews from the earlier broadcast of the Charleville leg of the festival @ Women of the World Festival. Longreach coming soon!

Next stop – Cairns, May 13-14th.