Radio 4EB is Brisbane’s only full time ethnic broadcaster run almost exclusively by volunteers with the support of a handful of part-time staff.

For the past 40 years Radio 4EB has been providing unique and diverse communities a platform to inform, entertain and educate their listeners.

The success of Radio 4EB over this past 40 years lies in the sheer dedication of its volunteers and their willingness to provide for their communities.

If you’d like to support the continuation of their efforts to provide for these diverse communities, please consider supporting them and Radio 4EB by becoming a subscriber today.

If you wish to do more and get involved with your community to provide an invaluable service offering information and entertainment in your language; consider becoming a member of EBAQ (Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland) and volunteering at Radio 4EB today.


Subscribers are our listeners and supporters. They are the people each broadcasting group enlists to support their program.

Become a Subscriber if:

  • You want to support a group or the station, but don’t want to be involved with broadcasting.
  • Get a discount on Radio 4EB services such as recording studio hire or meeting room hire.


Members are anyone involved with volunteering at the station as part of a broadcasting group.

Become a Member if:

  • You would like to do more for a group and the station by becoming a volunteer.
  • You want to undertake any training provided by Radio 4EB.
  • You want a more involved role in the governance of a broadcasting group and EBAQ, the governing body of Radio 4EB.

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