As an ethnic radio broadcaster, Radio 4EB has the unique capability of reaching a fantastically wide audience of listeners who are not engaged with more traditional (mainstream) forms of media. Radio 4EB can assist with getting your message across to this wildly untapped audience.


A large part of the station’s upkeep comes from Station Sponsors. If you have a business, event or service you would like to inform our listeners about; either in English or in your desired language, Radio 4EB can help. With our in-house recording studio and translation services available (incurs additional costs) we can ensure that your message will reach your desired audience.

General Pricing

Each run of sponsorships is unique and as such pricing can vary from sponsor to sponsor depending on requirements.

The price below is indicative of the basic price of airtime.

  • 10 x 30 Second On-Air Placements (minimum sponsorship run): ~$250 plus GST.

Translation, scriptwriting and production of sponsorship all incur additional charges.

As a general rule, 80 words spoken in ENGLISH are approximately 30 seconds long. Some languages can be wordier than others and greater care needs to be taken to ensure that the sponsorship still remains within 30 seconds.

Call the office on 07 3240 8600 or email the station to find out more information regarding sponsorships and/or to receive a quote/recommendation regarding your desired message.

Community Announcements

A community announcement is a message that is used purely to inform 4EB listeners, with no financial gain from the organiser of the message.

There is no monetary cost for airing a Community Announcement.

Radio 4EB reserves the right to determine what constitutes a Community Announcement and whether any costs may be involved with the airing of any message.