The Ethnic Broadcasting Association of Queensland known as Radio 4EB, after much lobbying, was granted a full-time public broadcasting license in October 1978 and began broadcasting in December 1979 on 1485AM to a small coverage area in Brisbane, before switching to 1053AM in 1981 expanding our broadcast reach.

4EB Moves to FM

Radio 4EB was granted an FM license in 2000 and commenced broadcasting on 98.1FM in December 2001. Since then we have expanded our reach nationally and internationally through our On-Demand service and live streaming capabilities.

Broadcasting in over 50 different languages, in addition to offering a range of special interest programming in English, 4EB continues to meet the needs of both our local communities, whilst reaching audiences across Australia and the world.

Our Purpose

To provide inclusive, quality multicultural community broadcast services.

Our Vision

To be the leading multicultural broadcast service connecting people through culture and language.

Our Broadcast Principles

Neutral, independent, democratic, diverse, informative.

Our Values

Inclusive, diverse, creative, courageous, empowering, respectful, ethical, unifying.

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