Welcome back, everyone!

It’s that time of year again, and we’re thrilled to have you here at Radio 4EB. Whether you’re eager to host your own radio show, make new friends, volunteer, or contribute to our vibrant community, we invite you to renew your membership for the upcoming year.

As a Radio 4EB member, you’ll gain access to exciting opportunities like hosting and producing your own show, participating in broadcasting courses, and operating radio panels – all for free! It’s a chance to express your unique voice and connect with diverse audiences.

If you prefer to support our station and community without directly engaging in broadcasting activities, don’t worry! You can simply continue your current subscription and remain an essential part of our journey.

Are you looking for a venue to rent? Look no further! Our venue offers free limited parking and other fantastic facilities. By renewing your organization membership, you’ll not only gain access to these amenities but also contribute to the continued success of Radio 4EB.

Let’s make the upcoming year one filled with joy, collaboration, and a shared love for multicultural broadcasting. Renew your membership today and be a part of the exciting adventures that lie ahead!


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