Multicultural Monthly 08/23

Welcome to spring everyone,

I love this time of year, still cool enough to snuggle at night, but wow the days are just beautiful!  

As we slip into spring, let’s look back at the month that was Multicultural Month across the State.  I would like to send a special thanks to the staff, special podcast guests, and also those broadcasters and volunteers that contributed their time, stories, and expertise to celebrate how great our multicultural State is, Embracing Unity in Diversity!  As the State government’s media partner, we developed a series of podcasts and digital stories across our social media platforms, featuring some of the amazing volunteers here at 4EB.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out some of the amazing content you can find it all here (Link below) and on all our social media platforms.

In and across the month, staff and broadcasters attended a huge range of activities and events, culminating in the Multicultural Awards last Thursday.  A huge congratulations to all of those recognised, stay tuned on our socials across the next few weeks as we share some of their stories.    

We also had a few visits to the station, including our federal Minister, Michelle Rowland, who met with staff and broadcasters and did an interview for The Wire whilst she was in town for the national labour conference.  

The rest of the newsletter is full of other happenings around the station, but I would like to finish with a congratulations to the Finnish Group, who have been around since the beginning of 4EB, however are celebrating 10 years of programming from the current team of broadcasters with their very cool rock, metal and pop programming since 2013!


Jo Pratt
Station Manager, Radio 4EB

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