Many cultures, one Queensland: putting inclusion into action

Celebrate with us the rich cultural diversity and inclusivity of Queensland, Australia! We take pride in promoting and appreciating the invaluable contributions of our diverse cultural communities while fostering social cohesion among people from all walks of life. Radio 4EB is honored to be the official Media Partner for Multicultural Queensland Month 2023, in collaboration with the State of Queensland Government’s Multicultural Affairs Queensland. Throughout August, we are committed to delivering enriching content that will captivate you.

Join us on Social media, follow our engaging 30-day series, and tune in to our weekly podcasts, where we will explore various multicultural issues, present insightful discussions and sharing inspiring stories. Together, let’s pay tribute to the everyday heroes who make a difference in our communities, leading up to The Multicultural Queensland Awards. Embrace the strength and unity that multiculturalism brings to our great state. Join us in this collective celebration of diversity, as we work towards creating an inclusive and harmonious Queensland for all.

MQM 30-Day Series

MQM Podcast Series

In this series, we will touch upon essential topics that shape our multicultural identity. We’ll explore the power of Allyship, the importance of Building an Anti-Racist Queensland, the beauty of Intercultural Encounters, and the significance of Representation Matters in our media landscape.

So, join us as we embark on this exciting journey, celebrating the rich tapestry of Multicultural Queensland. Together, let’s make a positive impact, foster understanding, and build a more united and inclusive community. Stay tuned for an enriching and enlightening podcast experience that embraces the essence of Multicultural Queensland Month.

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