Wake Up @ Woodfordia is a 2 hour breakfast radio program presented LIVE from the Woodford Folk Festival from 6AM to 8AM in Radio 4EB’s dedicated Outside Broadcast Van.

The program is broadcast on all platforms available through Radio 4EB. This includes FM radio on 98.1, our digital station Global and streaming online; either via our website or the Community Radio Plus App.

The program is topical and features interviews and live music from artists, performers and stallholders from the event, as well as interviews with festival goers themselves.

The morning timeslot allows for early risers and night owls alike to get a recap of the day before; as well as some highlights of things to come, while also giving Radio 4EB’s regular listeners a front row seat to the festival.

Program Highlights

1 Jan 2023, 6am

1 Jan 2023, 6am Wake Up @ Woodfordia

31 Dec 2022, 8:07am

31 Dec 2022, 8:07am Wake Up @ Woodfordia

30 Dec 2022, 6am

30 Dec 2022, 6am Wake Up @ Woodfordia

29 Dec 2022, 6am

29 Dec 2022, 6am Wake Up @ Woodfordia

28 Dec 2022, 6am

28 Dec 2022, 6am Wake Up @ Woodfordia