On 26 January, the Arabic program sponsored a small get together at Radio 4EB for a group of Sudanese women to share stories of migration and settle and discuss a range of relevant topics.

The women wore colourful traditional dresses ‘toubs’ and after sharing baked traditional meal with dishes such as falafel, foul madamas (broad zalabya (honey puffs) and basbousa (semolina cake), the women danced tunes of their traditional songs.

Amongst the participants there’s a family of the generation with the youngest just a few weeks old, and the participants recorded their migration stories for an episode that will be on air on the Arabic program’s Saturday session.

The 2-hour gathering concluded with a serious round of discussion where everyone was given the opportunity to have a say. The participants discussed how relevant is to inform the community about two important issues: the referendum or Voice to Parliament; and on domestic and family violence. They acknowledged the important role community radio can play in raising awareness about these important issues.

By Faiza El-Higzi.