As Brisbane’s only full-time ethnic broadcaster, the success of Radio 4EB’s nearly half a century of broadcasting, has been the tremendous dedication of our broadcasters (members) and their willingness to provide for their communities.

Run almost exclusively by volunteers with the support of a handful of part-time staff, all broadcasting language groups ensure their program airtime by securing dedicated subscribers to their broadcasting group.

Our ‘Subscriber Drive’ for the 2022-23 financial year is now up and running. Sign up now and get June for free! Plus, to sweeten the deal, all NEW Radio 4EB subscribers will receive a FREE Radio 4EB T-shirt,  because that’s just the kind of folks we are!

Subscription is only $30 | $20 concession and ensures the station can continue to provide a platform to inform, entertain and educate listeners from our unique and diverse communities. Please consider supporting them and Radio 4EB by becoming a subscriber today. All info is on the Radio 4EB website here or for more info please contact [email protected] or 07 3240 8600.