The Sri Lankan group’s programs ‘Sandella’ and ‘Arunella’ are our Programs of the Month!

The 4EB Sri Lankan group has been evolving over the past 42 years since its establishment in 1980. As the group moves forward with its community, the Sri Lankan is currently focused on setting up the groundwork to grow our engagement with our community.

4EB Sri Lankan group endeavours to engage with the community through creative initiatives, such as hosting community members in our studio in live programs such as live broadcast of Carols during Christmas and Aluth Awurudu songs (Traditional New Year songs of Sri Lankans) during April. We are pleased to say that, during the month of April, we have hosted nearly 50 members of the community in our studio.

Our programs have been diversified to cater to the needs of different cultures, genders, and age groups, allowing us to provide inclusive programs that meet the needs of our diverse listener base. We recognize that different groups have unique preferences. Our programs are designed in a way that reflects this diversity.

The Sri Lankan group program called ‘Sandella’ is on air on 98.1FM Wednesdays at 9pm and ‘Arunella’ is on air Sundays at 9am.