Unrest and division penetrates the South Pacific Island of New Caledonia.

Violence erupted after Paris announced potential voting reforms that would expand the electorate body. Many Kanaks, the indigenous of the island, say that these changes threaten their presence and cultural identity on the island. However, others say that it is only fair that French citizens living on the island should be able to vote in provincial elections. 

However, Australia is repatriating Aussie citizens from the French territory. Leaders on both sides fear their calls for calm have fallen on deaf ears. 

Image: Image: Shutterstock – Antonio Nardelli

Produced By: Jhames Montemayor

Featured In Story: David Small – Activist and Senior Lecturer Canterbury University, Oceane – New Caledonian living in Sydney , and Alcide Ponga – Les Republicains President in New Caledonia

First aired on The Wire, Wednesday 22 May 2024