Studio 4 is Radio 4EB’s dedicated production and recording studio. We specialise in recording all kinds of music be it traditional Indian folk music, face melting rock music even choirs; we do it all. We also record and produce almost all of the sponsorships that go to air on 98.1FM and Global. We can offer assistance with writing sponsorship scripts and can source local translators to help your business or idea reach the audience you are after.
Studio 4 is equipped with the tools we require to capture the best sound and performance. With a large (approx. 6m x 9m) fully air conditioned live (recording) room we can accommodate all but the largest of ensembles. We have an array of microphones, equipment and an extensive music library to get the job done. See below for a full list of gear.

Our Production team

Alex N

Studio Rates

Radio 4EB Members: $50 per hour
Non-Members: $60 per hour
Rehearsal Hire: $20 per hour (minimum 2 hours)
A 25% surcharge applies for late night work (after 8pm) and weekends.
For more information and bookings please contact the 4EB office during office hours.
Phone: 3240 8600


Windows 7 PC running Pro Tools 12
Dynaudio BM6A Studio Monitors
Yamaha 01V Digital Mixing Console
Digidesign 003Rack+ Audio Interface
JoeMeek British Channel VC6Q
Various older format media players (DAT, MD, Tape)
Vast production music library on CD, Record and HDD.


Neumann U89
Rode NT1A x 2
Shure SM57 x Multiple
Shure SM58 x Multiple
AKG C5600 x 2
Rode NTG2
Rode NT5 Matched Pair
CAD Audio Trion Ribbon Mic
Audio Technica AT2020