My name is Dali Jovanovic and I am very proud to present Serbian program to you this month.

I have joined Serbian group last year as group Secretary and Broadcaster. I hold honour to maintain this role this year again and continue to broadcast Serbian Program on Tuesdays from 9-11pm together with my husband Boban.

Serbian program has been proudly broadcasted on 4EB radio since 1979. Over the decades, we have enjoyed hundreds of hours of program that consisted of good Serbian music and stories about Serbia, it’s people, culture, history, traditions, sport and news. Numerous broadcasters and panel operators worked tirelessly in presenting their programs to the Serbian community in Brisbane. I must say that there were times when our group was doing exceptionally well, but there we also times of struggles and challenges. The love for our country and community here in Australia always brought our group back to continue to broadcast and grow.

Last year our group faced very difficult stage of it’s operations. With modern technology taking over traditional means of communication and broadcasting, impact of world pandemic and distancing from each other, our group struggled to maintain a number of subscribers and broadcasters required to continue its operations. This news quickly spread in our community and brough attention for need to rebuild and start fresh. Very quickly new team was formed and members of Serbian community from Brisbane supported us by subscribing to our program. We grew from only 6 subscribers to over 150 subscribers in less than 12 months and were able to maintain our programs on Tuesdays from 9-11m and Sundays from 6-am. Boban and myself worked hard in maintaining both programs at that time. A new program on Thursdays 4-5pm was added to our repertoire and Oleg Parenta joined our team as new broadcaster. Soon after that Zoran Matovic joined us as well and started broadcasting Sunday programs. 

We now have over 170 subscribers and have just recently added another program on Wednesdays from 6-7pm which is proudly presented by Zoran. Our groups is proud to stand with this growth and look forward to continuing stronger and bigger in the future. We are proud to bring high quality programs to our listeners not just in Brisbane, but also at the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Australia and worldwide. Modern technology and ability to listen to 4EB radio via internet enables us to share our programs with friends and family worldwide and we have beautiful audience back home in Serbia that regularly listens to our programs. 

We want to bring happiness and good vibes to our listeners. Our programs are based on good Serbian music, news from local Serbian community, sport news, news form Serbia and stories about our culture, history and traditions. Our listeners love to call or message us during our programs and send greetings to their loved ones or request a song of their choice. The best part is meeting people in the community and receive positive feedback for all our hard work, quality programs and good music. We have brough our community together and look forward to broadcast many more hours of good Serbian program on radio 4B.