We are pleased to announce that the website of Radio 4EB has at long last been given a face lift!

There are still a few things that are currently under development and some other things that still need to be fixed, but the majority of the site has been implemented.

On Demand Audio

With the new site comes a new way to listen to your favourite program.

All On Demand audio is now kept on the individual programs page at the very bottom. These program pages are also linked at the bottom of each languages Community page.

You can access the program pages from the Guide. Simply click on the program you wish to listen to then scroll down to the ‘Previous Programs’ section and click the play button on the episode of your choice.

This is different to the way that On Demand was accessed in the past so may take a little while to get used to.


Please explore the site! If you find issues with functionality or content please send a detailed email to [email protected].