Visitors to Israel’s Independence Day event, known as Yom Ha’Atzmaut, were entertained with a variety of Israeli music in 2022 thanks to the talents of Hebrew radio program broadcasters Shon Tamar and Kobi Cohen.

Attended by over two hundred people, the Radio 4EB van made its first ever visit to the festive day with Shon saying he was thrilled with the positive feedback the program has received so far and was thankful he could bring the van to share the diversity of Israeli music.

“It’s been a real boost to our community to have a dedicated Hebrew radio program,” Shon said. “For many of us, the program is our connection to not only others in our community, but for our friends and family abroad.

It connects us to the sounds of home. Israel produces a great diversity of music, so it has been wonderful to celebrate this with not only local Israelis, but for anyone who has an interest in this part of the world.

People at Yom Ha’Atzmaut were really entertained by us bringing this music directly to them. We really appreciate the support of Radio 4EB and for all of our listeners who have made our program the second highest live-streamed program!”

The Hebrew radio program airs every Monday 8am to 9am.