Introducing the Cantonese program as the ‘Program of the Month’!
The Cantonese Group have been active for a long time at 4EB and most recently they’ve been connecting with some prominent Hong Kong celebs and a special broadcast for the Buddha’s Birthday!

4EB Cantonese group, offering insightful highlights regularly. Tune in to 4EB every Sunday for an enriching experience with our Cantonese program, presenting a diverse blend of music, news, and interviews—all presented in Cantonese.

Recent notable events include the Buddha’s Birthday Special Broadcast. The Cantonese group had the privilege of incorporating cultural depth into their programming with a special broadcast commemorating Buddha’s Birth Day.

Other exciting recent interviews on the program featured prominent Hong Kong celebrities:
Lam Sum (2023.3.18): Renowned film director, recognised for “The Narrow Road,” with accolades from the Golden Horse Awards and Hong Kong Film Awards.

Adam Pak (2023.4.1): Esteemed Hong Kong actor and model, gaining recognition in the highest-grossing Chinese film in Hong Kong, “A Guilty Conscience.”

Vincy Chan (2023.6.3): Award-winning Cantonpop singer, honored with multiple accolades at the Hong Kong Music Awards.

Kiwi Chow (2023.6.17): Acclaimed filmmaker and Golden Horse Award winner for Best Documentary. Kiwi, alongside DJ Molly & Shirley, hosted a compelling movie review session at 4EB after the screening of “One Person’s Wedding.”

Happy Luna New Year and stay tuned for more informative updates and insightful content as The Cantonese Program continue to unfold more happening in their world.