4EB is honoured to present the Thai community as part of our program of the month.

April was a month of colour and celebration for the Thai community! 

April marks a special time for Thai all over the world as we officially enter into a traditional new year and a new calendar. For Thai living in Australia, and especially in Queensland, we took the opportunity to welcome the new year throughout the month. At home or at Buddhist temple, Thai pour water over Buddha statue and may take the time to visit family member and pour water over elderly members. 

This month, we started our new year celebration by having Tukk Sompit Wilson on our show to share story and inspiration behind the colourful Naga and the Bai Sri creation. 

Naga, symbolise guardian of the Buddhist Three Gems, dominates the waters, and is an important cultural image in Thailand. The Bai Sri uses in many auspicious ceremonies. We hope the new year bring you good health and happiness. 

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