The Aramaic language group broadcasts in different languages: Aramaic, Syriac, Arabic, and some times Hebrew. All these languages have common traits historically speaking.

According to historians and scholar research, Aramaic has been considered an important language during the first century because it was a common language of the Judean province. Many languages like Arabic, Persian, Hebrew, Greek, and Latin were influenced by Aramaic.

In some areas, such as in villages across Turkey and Iran, Aramaic is still well spoken and alive. Interestingly, some areas of Detroit, Michigan in the US, Aramaic is still a live language thanks to the migration influx of Syrians and Iraqis.

The Aramaic language group broadcasts Fridays at 3pm on 4EB FM and Fridays from 5am to 6am on Global Digital. The group also broadcasts a children and youth program (Shumous) on Global Digital Fridays from 4am to 5am.

The children and youth program aims to highlight our youth’s talents by sharing their literary and artistic productions on air, and is a collaboration between children from Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Egypt, the US, and Australia.

The Aramaic’s children and youth program is supported by the Hanhan Institute.

Dina Saleem Hanhan, convenor of the Aramaic group at Radio 4EB, says the children’s program is a successful way to link children with their language across the world.

“Languages are the link between peoples, and the media network in ethnic radio stations is based on their spread.  Radio 4EB is the best avenue to achieve and expand this spread”.