The Dutch Radio Group welcomes a Netherlands Newbie – and issues another warm invitation!

The Dutch Team at Radio 4EB are thrilled to announce to listeners and friends of the station that they have welcomed a new broadcaster to the fold.

According to Wilma Burton, Secretary, Broadcaster and Panel Operator for 4EB Nederlandse Radio Groep new recruit Matthea first dropped in before Christmas last year to tour the studio and create new friendships. Dutch Group’s fresh new voice Matthea was taken – and of course, says Wilma, “immediately fell in love” with creating Dutch programming.

Matthea has settled beautifully into the great work of communicating with our dear Dutch community, and the greater 4EB music lovers at large. Judging by the evidence left on the 4EB Dutch Facebook page, Matthea also enjoys a lovely catchup lunch for a good old-fashioned face to face – and don’t we all!

Dutch Radio Group, as Matthea has no doubt learned, have so much fun compiling worthwhile information, news, and announcements about our community in Brisbane, and presenting our magazine style programming between music and cabaret from the Netherlands.

Recent shows discussed body language and cricket language, the benefit of books; the origins of Dutch, Flemish and Australian language as well as platypus nesting habits, and an unrelated crocodile attack. Never afraid to go a bit deeper – but always with the promise of fun tunes, laughs, and lots of great music!

Now that our listeners are enjoying hearing Matthea’s lovely voice on the radio, we wonder if you too are keen to have a chat?

Wilma says, “We are always looking for new broadcasters to join our group! So, if you are interested in sitting ‘in front of’ or ‘behind’ the microphone, we would like to hear from you!”

Would like you like to contribute your voice to the Dutch community at 4EB?

Email us as [email protected]

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