Radyo Palaro’s puts call out to kids for Philippine folk story series presented by youth members of the Filipino community.

Lots of us know young kids who seem to be born entertainers! Now, Radyo Palaro has an opportunity to extend a platform to the young people of the Australian-Filipino community in Brisbane with a fun, educational, and culturally engaging foray into radio entertainment.

Radyo Palaro is a radio play series showcasing stories based on Philippine folk literature and presented by youth members of the Filipino community. Now with a third round of funding from the Community Broadcasting Foundation Radio 4EB Filipino Group seeks to reconnect Australian-Filipinos with their Filipino cultural heritage through radio entertainment.

While immersing young performers in content creation as well as connecting to their cultural heritage in a fun and entertaining way, the future media stars in your community can experience and learn lots about how it all works behind the scenes.

With free, catered workshop events for the kids – not to mention an extra funding budget for filming and a real launch party – participants return to school beaming with pride on what they have accomplished.

Parents, you don’t want your kids to miss this unique and creative project, and hope you look forward to seeing the return of the alumni who joined five years ago (though most of them are teenagers now!)

This is a FREE event activity – we can’t wait to meet you all!

Register your interest to have your kids participate at link