Radio 4EB was pleased and excited to once again attend the Lord Mayor’s Refugee Welcome Ceremony for 2023, held at City Hall. Now in its 16th year, the ceremony helps to highlight Council’s commitment to welcoming and celebrating the contributions of refugees to Brisbane’s multicultural community; and we’re big on that kind of thing here at Radio 4EB.

4EB staff members, Silvia, Yessica, Queenie and Alex N attended the event to greet, chat and welcome some of the 250 plus attendees to the event as well as to engage likeminded and aligned organisations who were in attendance, such as ECCQ, Brisbane Libraries, TAFE and more.

The 4EB team also learned that they need to bring many more Music Masala CD’s when attending these types of events; the 20 CD’s were gone in 5 minutes flat!

A big thank you of course to Brisbane City Council for having us in attendance.

By Alex Nagl.