#IWD celebrations at Radio 4EB HQ in Kangaroo Point focus on the empowerment of women and girls for a sustainable future

During a week where people all over the world were engaged in inspiring conversations about the future of the planet, and the important part that equality for girls and women plays in ensuring its health and success, Radio 4EB celebrated International Women’s Day a little earlier than the official #IWD (8 March) at the Kangaroo Point HQ on Tuesday 22 February.

As in many circumstances, women and girls face increased vulnerability and exposure to conflict or disaster, and this year’s International Women’s Day focussed on the reality that providing equity and equality to the world’s women and girls is critical to meaningful solution.

Attended by Vicki Howard, Councillor for Central Ward in the Brisbane City Council, International Women’s Day in 2022 recognised the contribution of women and girls around the world, working to change the climate of gender equality and build a sustainable future.

At Radio 4EB, the ongoing bad weather so many of our fellow Queenslanders have been suffering kept meant some booked attendees were unable to leave their local area, but twenty-five women still able to represent the group in person joined in the singing, dancing, and storytelling.

Two guest speakers, who shared their life journey from their birthplace to their new life here in Australia, reflected on some of the challenges they experienced along the way, with inspirational music and entertainment delivered by representatives of Radio 4EB’s Samoan, Tongan, Niuean and Maori communities.

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