Greetings Community,

I hope you are keeping well and warm this season! The past month at 4EB has been ramping up fast! We are doing well adjusting to changes with the welcoming of new staff members to the team who are thus far doing such incredible work and fitting right in at the station. Further to this we’re so appreciative and grateful to our 4EB community for your patience and hard efforts in keeping 4EB alive and kicking. 

I’d like to start off by sharing some exciting news! Earlier this month we had the honor of hosting Minister Andrew Giles (Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, and Multicultural Affairs). at the Radio 4EB. 

During this visit, we sat with Minister Giles reflecting on 4EB’s remarkable journey from its humble beginnings to its success today and the impact that it has and is making as an Ethnic Community radio station for South-East Queensland’s new migrants and multicultural communities. 

I am proud to announce that through Minister Andrew Giles and his office, 4EB is receiving $100,000 to upgrade our FM studios under the Australian Governments Local Multicultural Project Grants Program. What does this mean? This generous fund will improve and enhance 4EB’s FM studios and facilities and expand our outreach to a broader audience of new migrants and multicultural communities. Our sincerest gratitude and special thank you to Minister Andrew Giles and his office for their invaluable support in advancing 4EB’s journey and future. 

In other exciting activity, I am happy to share that 4EB is a media partner of the SSI (Settlement Services International) ‘World of Cultures’ Festival happening on the 12th of August, and Multicultural Month in partnership with the Multicultural Affairs Queensland. August is looking jam-packed with lots of activities, events, and content being launched and available to be explored throughout the month of August. Look out for all the exciting activities and content, especially ones featuring the digital stories of some of our 4EB broadcasters and community members! You can tune in through our social media platforms, website, and on-air. 

Another kind reminder to renew your subscription! I cannot express further how invaluable your support for our groups enables us to stay on the air in providing informative and exciting content for our wider multicultural communities.

Lastly, stay warm this season and be well! 


Jo Pratt
Station Manager, Radio 4EB