It’s getting chilly in Brisbane! With the winter just around the corner, please be conscious of keeping warm with a jumper and a cup of coffee. The cold doesn’t stop us to keep working to bring the best of our multicultural communities together.

This newsletter is full of giveaways, so keep an eye on them down below to win one of these prizes to different events across Brisbane.

In other news, the Roadmap 2032 from our sector is in full swing.  It is about providing a long-term strategy for community broadcasting in Australia. The CBAA and the NEMBC are providing platforms to share your vision across the sector, and you are more than welcome to submit any ideas that will give our sector sustainability and power across Australia. For more information about the roadmap, please go to their website

The National Ethnic and Multicultural Broadcasters’ Council conference this year will be in Sydney at the Sydney Novotel Brighton Beach from the 26 – 28 May 2023. This is the biggest multiethnic conference in our sector, and 4EB will be there. If you and/or your language group wishes more information about the conference, please contact [email protected]. If you wish to go, you may need to cover your expenses like accommodation and conference fees.

On the 26 May, the Youth Conference will take place, whereas the main conference is on the 27 May. The Annual General Meeting will be on the 28 May. If you want to see what the NEMBC conference will cover, please go to the NEMBC’s website

That’s about it at the moment, and we’ll keep in touch.

Jo Pratt.