4EB is excited to have Fair Comment back in the airwaves!

After a short hiatus, Fair Comment is renewed. Fair Comment is broadcasting the multicultural perspectives of issues across Australia. 

Some of the stories we have covered is how multicultural communities were affected by long COVID, particularly women, a new survey for LGBTIQ+ members to see their views on sexual violence, and how immigration is shaping our country.

This year, Fair Comment wants to hear your story. How has your experience been in Australia? Is there any particular story you want to share about your migration experience? Or do you have any interesting story that can relate to multicultural communities?

If so, please contact us on, and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible to know more about your story. 

To listen to Fair Comment, tune us on Radio 4EB at 1 pm on Thursdays, or you can click the button below to listen on demand.

Fair Comment is proudly produced with the great support of the Community Broadcasting Foundation