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As Afghanistan falls to Taliban forces, an International crisis looms as a likely repercussion. Concerns for the Afghan people have developed into fears for the greater region, with violence expected to ripple through Pakistan and Iran.

20 years of Allied Force presence is being labelled a failure, raising questions over the disengagement strategies leading to immediate deterioration of the region. As the future of Afghanistan remains uncertain, the growing sense of frustration has spun into a finger-pointing debate for accountability.

While the conflict is felt strongest by the Afghan people, their angst is echoed by Australian Defence Force personnel.  Their efforts and resulting trauma now considered to have been made in vain.

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Featured In Story: Dr. John Bruni – CEO of SAGE International (Strategic Advice and Geopolitical Estimates), Ivan Slavich – CEO of Solider On, Kobra Moradi, and

First aired on The Wire, Tuesday 17 August 2021