Wimal Kannangara

Wimal is a seasoned finance professional with extensive experience in accounting and finance. He is a Chartered Management Accountant (UK) and a Fellow of the Certified Practicing Accountants Australia. Wimal earned a degree in Engineering and practiced as an Engineer for 10 years before becoming an accountant.

Having worked with some of the largest companies in the world including BHP, Rio Tinto, Vale, Disney Corporation, Micron Technology and Woolworths, designing and implementing finance and accounting systems, month end reporting, costing and budgeting, he brings in valuable insights into the finance function of EBAQ. Complementing his experience with large corporations is his equally diverse experience in working with a range of community organisations both in Australia and New Zealand.

He has served Radio 4EB in various capacities for the past twenty years and currently serving as a member of the Finance Sub Committee. He has demonstrated the ability to scale the knowledge and experience to suit the needs of and the size of the organisation.

He has served as a trainer with ECCQ and helped many community organizations with their financial statements. He has also served with a variety of clubs and associations in various capacities. Having been a broadcaster and a panel operator he also understands the needs of the broadcasters to make radio an enjoyable experience.

With strong finance and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation experience in large corporations, Wimal’s contribution to EBAQ would be to:

  • Help the Board and the Management in strategic planning, budgeting and financial reporting.
  • Help analyse the financial reports and present financial information in a way non-accountants

    can easily understand.
  • Leverage on his integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation skills to streamline processes to improve efficiency.
  • Leverage on his experience in corporate governance and best practices.
    Wimal’s vision also includes widening the reach of Radio 4EB in the communities using his network in other organisations.