Tuomas Kullervo Laakkonen

It with great pleasue that I present my creditials to EBAQ Membership in relation to the 2023 EBAQ AGM.

I joined Radio 4EB in 2015, upon joining I completed my broadcaster and panel operator training. During the first years I was focused in producing programs for the Finnish group and assisted my group in organising various public events. These public events have now become annual events. It is a great way to connect with the community and our listeners.

After a few years from joining, I became the Vice Convenor for the Finnish group. In recent years I have engaged more with Finnish artists and interviewed them for our programs. Some of these artists are globally recognised and our group has had the opportunity to interview some of them on a few occasions. Most interviews I have completed were face to face in Australia and a couple in Finland. I also completed phone interviews and used Zoom platform and became competent in panel operations using virtual flatforms.

Early this year I organised a small group of the Finnish group broadcasters to attend and report on the annual Byron Bay Blues festival. I have developed connections with the event organisers, and I hope to arrange this event again in 2024. I had the privilege to interview one emerging blues band from Finland too.

Our group has also been covering the Scandinavian Film Festival for 3 years now. This year I interviewed the Head of International for Scandinavian Films Christof Wehmeieris from Iceland and my radio colleague interviewed Film Director Ole Giæver from Norway. My personal view is that it is important to 4EB to be seen in events near and far, gather contacts and engage with artists. This not only promotes the artists and events, but also our 4EB radio station.

I am a Civil Engineer, accredited as a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland and listed in the National Engineer Register. I have an extensive project delivery experience that I gained form working in Finland, Australia, Central Asia and the South Pacific. These projects have given me the opportunity to work in multicultural environments. I believe good communication is key for any successful team and organisation. Continuous personal development is important to me; hence I am completing part-time post-graduate studies in the Queensland University of Technology. Currently I work for the Department of Transport and Main Roads as a Principal Technical Advisor on infrastructure reconstruction projects.

If I am elected to the board, I will dedicate more than 10 hours per month to improve and better our 4EB radio station’s strategic directions. In addition, I will use my extensive project management experience to identify better and viable investment options for the station as it is under financial pressure. Also, I will commit to promote 4EB radio station in local events and increase awareness of the station within communities. This way we may be able to increase our 4EB listener membership base and potential sponsors. Thank you for your consideration.