Thisara Pathirannehelage

It with great pleasure that I present my credentials to EBAQ Membership in relation to the 2023 EBAQ AGM.

I joined Radio 4EB nearly 25 years ago as a Guest Broadcaster (1999) and soon after, I completed my broadcaster and panel operator trainings and became a Licensed Broadcaster and a Licensed Panel Operator. In 2003, I was first elected to the Sri Lankan Radio Group Management Committee and went on to become Group Secretary in 2012 and Group Convenor in 2016. I have undertaken various responsibilities within the Sri Lankan Group such as the Youth Coordinator and it assisted the Group to increase youth involvement and I initiated designing and delivering of group’s digital media platforms. Under my convenorship, the committee revised and updated policy documents in collaboration with the station and these materials is now being used as a guideline by broadcasters and panel operators.

I played a major role in organising the Sri Lankan group’s 40th anniversary event held in 2020. I was involved in documenting the history of the group and assisted with materials for the published souvenir booklet to celebrate the event. Members and Subscribers have rated this event as one of the best Sri Lankan community events held in Brisbane. For the last 5 years, I am holding the position of Compliance Officer to the Sri Lankan Radio Group committee, and I am making sure that the group is complying with EBAQ policies and procedures.

I am a Software Engineer by profession with over 15 year’s professional experience. I am holding demonstrated knowledge, experience and skills in graphic design, digital media, data management and other IT functions. I look forward to sharing these knowledge, skills, and experiences with the station to improve its social media and event management.

I have proved myself as an event organiser/manager. I am able to work with communities from different cultural backgrounds and my mission is to enhance community harmony through participation of 4EB Board led collaborate community projects.

If I am elected, I will step down from positions that I am holding with the Sri Lankan Radio Group, However, I share my IT knowledge and skills with the station and will commit to assist the station to update and upgrade the station’s ICT function. I look forward to work with the Station Manager and Operational staff of radio 4EB to design and implement an ICT platform for the station which is affordable and sustainable. This mission would not be possible without your support. Thanks for the opportunity. I appreciate your support at the 2023 EBAQ AGM.

Thisara Pathirannehelage