Wedzerai Garwe

With a tenure in financial services spanning since 2007, I’ve contributed my skills to several of Australia’s premier financial institutions across diverse roles. My affinity for people and my unwavering passion for making a positive impact drive my commitment to serving others. I find immense joy in not only fulfilling their immediate needs but also empowering them to realize their aspirations and live out their dreams.

Over the past decade, I’ve specialized as a financial planner, and for the last four years, I’ve successfully managed my own small business in this domain. The wealth of experience I’ve garnered throughout my journey is the foundation I bring to the table. This rich background is what I intend to leverage in collaboration with the 4EB team, working towards the sustainability and growth of our community radio station.

In joining the board, my objective is to contribute to decision-making by not only posing the right questions but, in certain instances, by asking the crucial second questions that might not immediately come to mind. Recognizing that the board comprises individuals with diverse areas of expertise, I believe in the strength of these varied perspectives to tackle the daily challenges our radio station encounters. Together, we can navigate these obstacles with a unique and holistic approach, fostering the continual development of our beloved radio station.