Radio 4EB is looking for our multicultural communities to join as a member or a subscriber, and it’s so easy.

Subscribers are those people who would like to support their communities radio show; and the station in general, but who do not want to be involved with broadcasting or station activities directly.

Subscribers also receive discounts on 4EB services such as Studio 4, our own professional recording studio, podcast facilities, or record your band, music, audio book, or more for $60 per hour with our in-house engineer!

But if you are keen to host your own radio show in your language or in English (or why not both?), becoming a member is easy and allows you to do it.

If you would like to become involved with 4EB, to host or produce your show, volunteer and be around our radio studios at Kangaroo Point, become a member and have fun with us. The membership includes free broadcasting and radio panel operation courses.

Pay by 16 June 2023 and go into the draw to win a 4EB merch special pack!

For more information, please contact us on [email protected], or over the phone, on (07) 3240 8600.