There is no better time than now for you and your community to stand up, be heard and change the state’s racial vilification laws for a safer and better Queensland.

The Queensland Parliament’s Legal Affairs and Safety Committee is conducting an inquiry into serious vilification and hate crimes. This inquiry is the result of the #BetterLaws4SafeQld campaign by the Cohesive Communities Coalition.

For more information on the inquiry, check out the FAQ sheet from Multicultural Australia here

It’s important that the Committee hears from people who have experienced vilification so that the Committee understands how it affects individuals and communities.

It will also help the Committee to understand how often it happens, why people don’t report it when it happens to them, and how they felt about the way it was dealt with.

Telling your story will help the Committee consider what types of penalties should exist, what types of behaviour should be against the law, and what else Queensland could do to make sure these types of things happen less, instead of more.

In partnership with Multicultural Australia, Radio 4EB will play the host of one of the safe spaces made available for you to have your story recorded for submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry.

Interview with Rita Jabri Markwell

Interview with Rita Jabri Markwell

See below for the complete list of times and locations.