Namaste! My name is Seema Eecheenta Keezhil, also known as Seema Sreekumar on the radio and in my Indian community. I have been involved with Rdio 4EB from 2017 when we moved from Adelaide, South Australia to Forest Lake, Queensland. I was involved with Adelaide Ethnic Radio 5EBI for about 16 years. Currently I am serving on the 4EB Board as the Secretary of 4EB Board of Directors.

I am the Radio Jockey (RJ) for Indian (Hindi) broadcasting at 4EB, Namaste World. We broadcast on FM98.1 every Saturday 9-10am and on Global every Sunday 9-10am.

I love Hindi language, which is why I did my postgraduate course (Master of Arts) in Hindi Language and Literature. After getting married, when I was moving to Australia with my husband, I was in doubt if I will lose my Hindi language skills in an English-speaking country. But I was delighted to see the multiculturalism of Australia and the royal place of Hindi in Australian community. I offered my language expertise to ethnic radio, interpreting and translating agencies and tutoring conversational Hindi to adult Australians. This involvement projected my social side to a great extent.

Loving what you do and being a hundred percent faithful to what you love to do, do not be afraid to give wings to your thoughts and do not pull yourself back because of social stigma, be open and free, motivate others and get motivated by all around you, this is the best piece of advice that I received from my parents.

I love listening to melodious songs of Indian nightingale Lata Mangeshkar and I also love listening to Indian flute recitals. I sing at various Indian community events, I usually choose Lata ji’s songs, they are melodious and very poetic songs. I could memorise all the lines of those songs.

As a child, I wanted to become a Surgeon. To reach to this goal I studied Biology for my Graduation to qualify for Medicine course. But destiny had something else planned for me in Hindi language service and being a Hindi RJ in a Western country!

The highlight of my past year was visiting my family and friends in India after 3 long years of COVID uncertainty. The lockdown periods here and in India created a very confusing time for all of us regarding life and expectations.

If I get a free ticket to go to any place in the world, I will go to India. Incredible India is so vast and mysterious that one lifetime will not be enough to travel around and absorb everything.

One hobby that makes me lose all track of time is drawing and painting. I am fond of drawing Mandala art which takes me to a different world and I lose the track of time in my real world!

A couple of months ago I watched ‘RRR’, an Indian movie, and it was a mega theatrical experience for me. It was so colourful, musical, dramatic, patriotic movie, that I had goosebumps during many scenes. I am so happy to see that this movie has grabbed Oscar award for India for its foot tapping song.

My husband Sreekumar has made a significant impact on my life. He taught and showed me to be a true community member through empathy, affection, motivation and love. He has always supported me in my community work. I dedicate all my awards and accolades to Sree as he was behind me as an influencer and a best friend.

After reaching this far in my life, I would tell my 13-year-old self that enjoy life, learn new things, make new friends and always walk with your chin-up!!

In one sentence if I must describe myself then I am emotional, caring, ambitious, empathetic, good listener, approachable and always ready to embark on new projects.

Ethnic radio has always promoted the togetherness of our communities when people are living away from their native lands and families and friends, we are very thankful to 4EB.