Hello! I’m Queenie and I’m currently the Interim Station Manager, but officially I’m the Development and Community Engagement Manager and one who likes to bring all the fun and culture to the team ha!

How did I get involved with Radio 4EB? Weeeeell… the station was scoping out a Development and Community Engagement Officer to fill previous role and interim gaps to focus on delivering community projects and bringing in a variety of funding for the org and then eventually moved into part-time capacity and since then it’s been fun hitting targets and having fun times with the team!

These are the best pieces of advice been given to me: Be open to listen and understand, but most importantly discern; stand in your power and truth and always do what is right and what is just.

My phone wallpaper has a picture of my darling nephews and nieces, and a home screen of my dad’s village / island in Samoa.

There are many places I haven’t travelled so it is a bit of a hard one, but I guess where I’ve been thus far, I would have to say my favourite place to travel is where I was born and that is New Zealand. Simply because of it beautiful nature, landscape, richness in culture and every Islander and Kiwi gets this, but most importantly the FOOD!! Very close to #1 fav next would be New York – I have travelled to New York for the past 10 years each year for charity work and holidays and it has become a second home for me.

I’ve had many highlights of the past year, and here are some: Working at 4EB and getting to know the 4EB community a bit more was a plus for me. Also, I did lots of producing in 2022, my background is in the arts Industry also so I’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of lots of new work and festivals as a Producer outside of 4EB. Travelling a lot interstate was a highlight especially after COVID, it was nice to spend a year of solid work on the ground then being able to travel, although I didn’t enjoy masking up on flights! On a personal note, I enjoyed spending much more time with family and being able to unplug from work to do that has been good.

2023 is going to be a big year, an exciting one, but I can say I am excited to be taking on a much larger role with 4EB, taking on lots of new creative works as a producer, and travelling internationally quite a lot this year! I cannot wait.

The activity that makes me lose all track of time is swimming or being near the ocean. I grew up as a child in a bay area of Auckland in New Zealand, also being an islander, the ocean is in our DNA! There is something about being near the ocean or listen to water that is calming and rejuvenating.

‘Nope’ by Jordan Peele is the latest movie I watched – very interesting and out of it! And I’m still processing it.

My favourite sandwich is the Long Italian Sub from DannyBoys! Otherwise, a simple Egg or tune and mayo sanga!

I would like to have more time for reading and taking holidays that requires no working lol… My family would love that!

If you could see my Spotify list, you would see a lot of different music, like a lot of new pop, trap, soul, and R&B now, I’m always opening my ears to new styles and new gen music and seeing where music is evolving. I’m also always interested in keeping up with trend and the future of music and where’s it is going.

One thing I couldn’t live without is my family. Period!