Lelava Tommy Fuifui: A Multifaceted Journey with Radio 4EB

In the vibrant world of community radio, individuals often find themselves wearing multiple hats, juggling various roles and responsibilities to ensure the smooth operation of their beloved stations. One such dynamic individual is Lelava Tommy Fuifui, a driving force behind Radio 4EB. With a diverse range of roles and a rich history with the station, Lelava is a prominent figure whose dedication to community service and broadcasting has left an indelible mark.

A Multifaceted Involvement

When asked about his involvement with Radio 4EB, Lelava’s response is a testament to his commitment and engagement with the station. He serves as a broadcaster, panel operator, and one of the directors. Additionally, he contributes to the Finance Committee, showcasing his diverse skill set and deep involvement in the station’s operations. Lelava’s multifaceted roles underscore his dedication to Radio 4EB and its mission of serving the community.

From Listener to Contributor

Lelava’s journey with Radio 4EB began as a listener, tuning in to the Samoan Program. As the waves of cultural connection flowed through the airwaves, Lelava found himself captivated by the power of community radio. His listening experiences expanded to include programs from other familiar communities, such as the Tokelauans, Tongans, and Kiwis. This immersion sparked a desire to contribute and engage further.

Upon completing his university studies in 2013, Lelava decided to take his connection to the next level. Inspired by the spirit of community service and his love for broadcasting, he joined the Samoan Group at Radio 4EB. This decision marked a pivotal moment in his journey, as he transitioned from a listener to an active participant, channeling his passion for radio and community service into his roles.

Insights into Lelava’s Perspectives

In a brief but insightful glimpse into Lelava’s perspectives, we dive into a selection of questions that shed light on his thoughts, experiences, and aspirations.

When asked about the best piece of advice he’s ever received, Lelava shares two guiding principles: “Council with the Lord with all thy doings” and the wisdom that walking far requires unity, not speed. These reflections highlight his spiritual grounding and understanding of the power of collaboration.

Lelava’s experiences extend beyond broadcasting. When queried about the kindest thing a stranger has done for him, he recalls a heartwarming incident when a stranger paid for his shopping at the supermarket counter after he realized he had left his wallet at home. This simple act of kindness left a lasting impact, a reminder of the goodness that can be found in unexpected places.

Lelava’s dedication to personal growth and mastery comes through as he describes his recent challenge of learning new accounting software for his certification. This highlights his commitment to continuous improvement and embracing new skills to better serve his community.

Reflecting on the highlights of the past year, Lelava’s response aligns with his service-oriented mindset. He finds fulfillment in contributing to his community through Radio 4EB, emphasizing the power of connection and shared experiences.

In a moment of personal insight, Lelava shares his favorite book: the Bible. He notes that it provides him with invaluable instructions on being a better person, serving others, and embodying multiple roles in life, from a servant to a father and neighbor.


Lelava Tommy Fuifui’s journey with Radio 4EB is a testament to the transformative power of community radio and the individuals who dedicate themselves to its cause. From a curious listener to a dedicated broadcaster, director, and community advocate, Lelava’s involvement with Radio 4EB exemplifies the profound impact that individuals can have when they embrace the spirit of service and connection. As he continues to contribute his skills, insights, and dedication, Lelava remains an inspiring figure within the Radio 4EB community, reminding us all of the importance of fostering unity, kindness, and growth.