I’ve been involved at the station since March 2018. I was asked to apply for the position by the former Board Secretary, Irene, whom I knew from my days as the CEO of BEMAC. And the rest is history, here I am!

The best piece of advice I have ever been given is “Keep the communication lines open”. This was from my Dad and in reference to being a parent, but I have kept this in mind for all areas of my life.  There’s nothing that can’t be sorted out over a cuppa.

I have a picture on my phone wallpaper of my darling grandkids, Kai and Sofia. I love seeing their cheeky faces whenever I look at the phone ☺

It’s difficult to say where’s the best place I have travelled because I’ve done lots of travelling, it’s a favourite thing to do, so it’s hard to pick one place.  I was lucky enough to go to Samoa about 10 years ago, I loved that.  Close second would be a toss-up between Croatia and Rwanda!

I wanted to be a Police Officer for as long as I can remember, so I did that, but I just wasn’t racist enough, so that was a short-lived adventure.

An activity or hobby that makes me lose all track of time is shooting! I love the focus and breathing require to hit the target with a sniper rifle, you have to give it all of your attention, so it’s probably one of the few moments where I’m not thinking about one hundred other things at the same time.

The last movie and/or TV show I watched and liked, for some reason, I’ve gone down a Korean fantasy TV series rabbit hole on Netflix lately, and I’m addicted!  Their zombie shows are just a little more polite, I love it!

My favourite sandwich? Haha, hopefully my doctor isn’t reading this.  My dad used to make us sliced lady finger  banana on buttered white bread, with cream and sugar poured over the top.  Not exactly compliant with a diabetes diet, but still a favorite ☺

The person who has made a big impact on me is my dad. He taught us that the only barrier to pursuing my dreams is me, I can do or be anything I want with hard work. 

A thing I wish I had more time to do is… nothing, I’d really, really like more time to do nothing… sigh

My personal philosophy is try anything once, sometime twice just to make sure.

How many tattoos I have? I have 7, I’ll let you guess where they all are.