Hello! My name is Faiza El-Higzi, and I have been involved with Radio 4EB for about five years now at the Board level.

I became aware of Radio 4EB about 15 years ago when the first wave of Sudanese people arrived to Brisbane and the radio was offering panel training which a number of the young men completed and produced programs for some time. After that, life took us in its embrace and then I was invited to join the Arabic program but, due to work commitments, I was unable. In 2018 I was introduced again to the radio through Jo Pratt who became the Station Manager. I have known Jo since her days with BEMAC and was excited when she joined EBAQ and wanted to get involved so I renewed my membership and was lucky enough to be elected to the Board. I then became the Chair of the Board in 2020 as the first female chair in the 40 years history of the organisation. I feel honoured to be part of such an important organisation and one of the largest multicultural media organisations in Australia and that is because of the good work that the staff and volunteers do to keep the radio on air 24/7.

I am part of the Arabic program and I used to produce with my friend and colleague Amaar, the Convenor of the program, and Fatima Makki the Saturday night (12:00am) program Lyal wa tourath (Nightly Cultural Yarns) on FM.

To be present and pay attention to the small things in life for it is from them that our life can be nourished is one of the best advices I’ve been given.

I love hearing any song by the angelic voice of the most famous Arab diva Fairuz is close to my heart. Each song is a story that draws imagery with words and music and transport you through her voice.

I love travelling and was lucky to visit many countries, but I can’t rate any of the places as each gave me something unique. I enjoy history so my visits to some of the European cities, especially the Parthenon in Greece, make me aware of our fragility as human beings. I loved the calmness and tranquility of the Wadi, the oasis in the desert, in Oman and I was awed by the majesty of the water of Niagara Falls.

When I was a child, I wanted to be a pilot so I can visit other countries and see all the places I watched on the films (speaking of my love of travelling!)

I find a smile from a stranger one of the kindest and pleasing things one can encounter, any day and in any situation. It is an acknowledgement of existence.

The first word I think of in a language that isn’t my first is the greeting that people use on a daily basis. Hello, ahlan, Marhaba, Welcome. It is a simple word but conveys a promise of sanctuary and a community embrace.

I wish more people talk about Voice to Parliament. This is a pivotal point in our political history and our relationship with First Nations people in Australia. I want to see the multicultural community more engaged and aware of this topic and are leading as allies to First Nations people.

At the moment, I am learning how to fly a drone. Of course I have crashed it so many times that it is starting to rattle. It is exciting to see that I can control an object in air and can tell it what to do just by the movement of my fingers.

I still think the minced meat and scrambled eggs fragrant sandwich that my mum used to make for school lunch is the best ever. I still haven’t perfected the taste but the aroma of the Mediterranean herbs, garlic and species still lives in my memory.