In this edition of “5 Minutes with,” we sit down with the multi-talented Dr. Aparna Hebbani, a prominent figure at Radio 4EB. Dr. Hebbani has been on the Board of Directors since 2022, and her journey into the world of community radio is nothing short of intriguing.

Dr. Aparna Hebbani, a name that resonates with Radio 4EB, is a dynamic individual with a unique blend of professional and personal experiences. Her journey with the radio station began in 2022 when she took on the role of a Director on the Board. While she isn’t currently involved in hosting a program, her connection with Radio 4EB runs deep.

When asked about her initial involvement with the station, Dr. Hebbani shared that she saw an opportunity to contribute her expertise and fill a vacant position on the Board. Her educational background in Communication and Journalism, coupled with her specialization in intercultural communication, made her a natural fit for Radio 4EB’s mission.

As we moved beyond her radio involvement, we delved into the personal side of Dr. Hebbani’s life. She shared valuable life lessons, including the importance of giving one’s best effort in everything they do and the significance of learning to say ‘no’ to avoid overcommitment. These principles have guided her through her multifaceted journey.

Peering into her personal life, we discovered that Dr. Hebbani’s phone wallpaper holds a treasured photo of her parents. Her Baba, who is no longer with us, makes this image all the more meaningful. Her love for Bollywood music was evident when she revealed her ability to recite lyrics from most Hindi songs without needing to glance at a screen.

When quizzed about her favorite travel destination, Dr. Hebbani passionately described her love for Ubud, Bali. The lush greenery, warm hospitality of the Balinese people, tranquility, connections to ancient Hindu civilization, and delightful cuisine made Ubud an unforgettable destination for her.

Surprisingly, Dr. Hebbani’s childhood aspirations took a different route. She once contemplated becoming a homemaker, resisting further education. However, life had different plans, leading her to pursue a doctorate and ultimately a teaching position at a university.

Our conversation with Dr. Hebbani turned emotional when she recounted the kindest thing a stranger had done for her. She shared stories of strangers’ acts of kindness during challenging times, underscoring the beauty of human compassion.

The discussion then veered toward topics she wished more people would openly discuss—mental health challenges and the reality of relationships. Dr. Hebbani emphasized the importance of honesty and transparency, especially in today’s age of curated social media personas.

One of the greatest challenges she faced in recent times was a debilitating bulged disc that left her bedridden for over a month. For a fiercely independent person, asking for assistance was a monumental task.

Reflecting on the past year, Dr. Hebbani revealed that her visit to an ancient temple in India was a deeply emotional experience. Although her Baba couldn’t accompany her, fulfilling this long-cherished wish brought tears of both joy and nostalgia.

In an exciting revelation, she announced her completion of a book on refugee settlement in Australia, scheduled for publication in 2024. This achievement marked a new chapter in her career.

Dr. Hebbani’s enthusiasm shone when she discussed her favorite hobby—sarees. She’s an avid enthusiast and can engage in lengthy conversations about the intricacies of Indian saree weaves.

As we shifted gears to her thoughts while driving or walking, Dr. Hebbani shared that she often contemplates life, its myriad twists and turns, and the beauty of our diverse world.

When offered a free ticket to anywhere in the world, Egypt topped her list. Her lifelong fascination with Egypt’s history and culture remains undiminished.

With a smile, she revealed her favorite sandwich—a hot grilled cheese sandwich, a simple pleasure that brings comfort.

Discussing individuals who’ve had a significant impact on her life, Dr. Hebbani mentioned someone who helped her find the courage to walk away from an abusive relationship, a defining moment in her journey.

In the closing moments of our conversation, Dr. Hebbani expressed her longing to find more time for painting. Trained as an artist, she hopes to rekindle her passion for art someday.

Her personal philosophy revolves around kindness, resilience, and a commitment to lifelong learning, values that have guided her through her diverse experiences.

Finally, when asked about the one thing she couldn’t live without, Dr. Hebbani expressed her deep reliance on the support and love of her family, the foundation of her life.

As our interview came to a close, Dr. Aparna Hebbani’s remarkable journey and multifaceted personality left a lasting impression. Her involvement with Radio 4EB is just one facet of a life filled with diverse experiences and a commitment to making a positive impact on the world.