The 4EB Newsroom this month was full of special guests this month and had the opportunity to keep working along with different community radio stations across Australia to bring the community’s perspective on issues. 

In the lead-up to the Voice to Parliament Referendum proposed by the Federal government, The Wire had the opportunity to speak with both sides of the vote to inform the community about their campaigns and their views on this referendum. 

We had the great privilege to host Minister for Communications Michelle Rowland on 16 August and spoke with The Wire about gambling ads, the misinformation and disinformation draft bills, the National Labor conference, and her vision for the community media sector in Australia. 

“It was such a pleasure to have Michelle Rowland visiting our radio station to chat with us about her visit to Brisbane and her work within the sector,” Newsroom Co-ordinator Dr Eduardo Jordan said. 

Finally, Radio 4EB, along with the Community Radio Network, attended the National Labor Conference at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre. Eduardo Jordan and Amanda Copp covered the conference for The Wire and National Radio News respectively, and the community media sector was present. 

“It was such a fantastic opportunity to learn and work along with Amanda during the conference. Amanda has extensive knowledge of Australian politics and had the fantastic chance to see how she works and learn more about how to cover live events. It was such a rewarding experience, and I cannot thank Amanda and the Community Radio Network for the opportunity”, Dr Jordan said. 

We continue to strengthen the relationship with the news department of the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia to bring news that matters to our audience.