Hör Zu – Mach Mit ! 

(listen & participate!) 

The German Language on Radio 4EB-FM in Brisbane Queensland

Radio 4EB and the little Studio in West End Brisbane

That is where it all started; well not quite actually, that was a leap forward just now.

The year was 1976, where a few people from different cultures and languages came together and talked about creating an ethnic radio station. The idea was not new, but certainly in Australia. After so many meetings, conferences and solving some differences with the authorities in Queensland, the funding efforts starting to take shape, record players and broadcasting equipment had to be bought, and especially members to be recruited. The first test-broadcastings came about on Radio 4ZZZ and 4MBS, the first members had to bring their own reading material and of course records and tapes.

The German Language Group was founded by Hans Streim and Wolfgang Kreuzer, the first Broadcasters on that station. As far as money concerned, Radio 4EB will never forget the people who provided money to the Station, and one of them, Hans, provided a $10,000 surety for the station. That gave a big boost to the efforts to the final stage of making reality out of a dream.

The big day came on the first of December in 1979 where the station, with a broadcasting license permit, staged a big festival on the grounds of Musgrave Park in West End. With many stalls with national dishes from different countries, folk dances and music, the then Immigration Minister Al Grasby, a big supporter of the Muticultural idea opened at 12 noon the station.

The first German Program went, with the two Co-founders Wolfgang Kreuzer and Hans Streim, on air. With over twenty ethnic groups 4EB-AM was born ! The third active member Rose Scheimann attended the German stall at the festival and followed as an announcer shortly after.

The little Studio, the first Studio, was above a bakery in West End, everything was very basic; and even the transmitter tower was second hand and erected and painted new by the volunteers.

The studio was very small, under a corrugated iron roof and in summer reached high Temperatures. Even a donation by a Swiss Member of an Air Conditioner did not help, it was too noisy and to be switched off when Announcers talked. But a move to larger premises in Montague Road West End, changed all to the better. Other presenters and more members followed this move, 4EB became more known, through efforts of publicity stunts and better variety of programs.

In 1981 & 1982 the German language group had a great influx of new members and announcers, like Marianne Prell, Isolde Keating, Hansl Wernyowska, Margret Gleisenberg and Annemarie Kofler filled the then “free” airtime and they were able to broadcast five times in a week. The presenters had little training, compared with today’s standard, but survived the time, with improvisation, their own music library and material. The “Deutsche Welle” in Cologne (Koeln-Germany) came to their aid and supplied Pop, Native, and Classical Music and reports; first on Tapes, then on Cassettes and later CD’s. Today there is also a great variety of Music and Information on the Internet.

In 1988 the Radio Station moved into their own premises at 140 Main Street, Kangaroo Point. In 1999, the conversion to FM came and allowed greater listener ship. Also annual Radiothons are still in force, which serve to cover extra expenses, as the government funding, with more Community Stations sprung up in the last years, got smaller.

Now, before new applicants permitted to the microphone, they have to attend broadcasting courses held by the stations trainer, to teach how to moderate, interview, and prepare programs, technical knowledge and to finish with an exam.

The German Language group likes to acknowledge all the previous Announcers and staff of the past 40+ years – a birthday celebrated in December 2019. They were:  Hans Streim,  Bernhard Wenzel, Gabi Simon, Karl Schubert, Carmen Birkenstock,  Roswitha McKinlay, Walter Rosteck,  Egon Coy, Sigrid Parlato,  Harald Bleyer,  Juergen Wittenberg, Irmgard Hoffmann,  Elisabeth Esprester,  John Portmann,  Annemarie Kofler, Inge & Dieter Fiolka,  Edita Rode, Don Hepburn, Regina Streim, Jenny Oehl, Thomas Wright, Rose Scheimann, Margret Gleisenberg,  Julian Lehnert,  Daniel Kienast,  Angela Timbs,  Thomas Muehe, Fred Schack, Anisa Ahobaya/Dawood & Lilian Kapelski.

Not to forget all the loyal listeners & Members, many are from the early years, who are still enjoying listen to the programs, which are presented by the very long serving volunteer Announcers like, Wolfgang Kreuzer & Marianne Prell with nostalgic & modern music, news , interviews,  radioplays etc., Richard Hamernik  with Austrian music, comedy, sport etc. and one of our dedicated committee members Thomas Muehe  and the  other Announcers, with mixed and contemporary music, comedy,  Australian & local news, interviews etc., are: Anja Kapelski, Katharina Loesche, Josefine Froehlich, Maria Steiner with her Swiss programs & Holger Schnaak: Mixed Items.

Richard Hamernik is also on Global with Jazz programs.

4EB-FM in Brisbane Queensland can be also heard on the Internet, and also stepped of course into the digital age and is broadcasting on “Global”- their call sign on Digital Radio, next to the FM 98.1 call sign. The German Language Program still tell listeners as all these years:

“Hör Zu – Mach Mit”   which means: “Listen and Participate” ( W. Kreuzer )

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