Ukraine, the second-largest country in Europe, is located in Eastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Poland and Russia. Comparatively, Ukraine is slightly smaller than the state of Texas with a total area of 603,700 sq km (233,090 sq. ml).

Ukraine shares boundaries with Belarus on the north, Russia on the east, the Black Sea on the south, Romania, Moldova, Hungary, and Slovakia on the west, and Poland on the North West. Ukraine’s location is one of strategic importance at the crossroads between Europe and Asia. Its land boundary totals 4,663 km (2,897 mi) and its coastline is 2,782 km (1,729 mi). Ukraine’s capital city, Kiev, is located in the north central part of the country.

Current Ukrainian Committee

Convenor:        Mrs Martha Hupalo

Secretary:        Mrs Olga Bogachova

Treasurer:       Mr Nick Dmyterko

Members:       Mrs Anna Golovchenko

                        Mrs Ira Solar

                        Mrs Marina Jolly        

                        Mrs Maria Dmyterko