“The African Program”

Air time: Broadcasting in English every Sunday 8 pm – 9 pm.

The African Program – Bridging African-Australian Unity.

The African Program (TAP) is a lively channel that connects African culture and Australian life. Broadcasting each Sunday from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. AEST on Radio 4EB, 98.1FM, TAP is more than just a radio show; it’s a movement that celebrates the African-Australian community.

Diverse voices from all corners of Africa unite on TAP. Whether you come from Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, or anywhere else, TAP is your space to share your heritage, stories, and dreams. Our goal is simple yet impactful: to change the way Africa is seen in Australia and bring people closer together.

Everyone is welcome at TAP. We believe in unity through diversity. No matter your background, join our journey. Our blend of voices paints a rich tapestry of shared experiences that enriches our community.

Want to be part of the excitement? Our dedicated broadcasters, Real Valery Manyuchi, Wedzerai Garwe, and Hunter Ole Keko, light up the airwaves with stories that matter. Volunteering with us means shaping conversations, inspiring change, and building connections.

Got an event that deserves attention? TAP is here to help! Let us know about your African events in Queensland, from cultural festivals to community gatherings.

We value your thoughts and feedback. Your reviews drive us to deliver a dynamic and engaging show. Visit our profile and share your insights. https://g.page/r/CQ6-t4nmW5bREAI/review

Don’t miss our weekly rendezvous – Sundays from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. AEST. Tune in to Radio 4EB, 98.1FM, and embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and unity.

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The African Program: Where Culture Meets Community.

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