Current Programming Committee members of the Spanish group are:

Convenor: Manuel Serrano Santos

Secretary: Olga Sala

Treasurer: Bruno González

Vice-Convenor: Magali Martell

Assistant Member: Beatriz Gil

The Spanish Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB from 1 December 1979 and the first committee members were:

Convenor: Guadalupe Burridge, Vice-Convenor: Ana Gonzalez, Secretary: Sara de Lucas, Treasurer: Angelina Miranda, Other Committee Members: Rosa Molia, Jose Munoz, Juanita Munoz, Isabel Bermudes and Rosa Maria Maroto

Spain is a constitutional monarchy located in southwestern Europe. It occupies most (about. 85 percent) of the Iberian Peninsula ind includes a small exclave inside France called Llívia as well as the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean, the Canary Islands in the Western Atlantic Ocean 108 km (67 mi) off northwest Africa, and five places of sovereignty (plazas de soberanía) on and off the coast of Morocco: Ceuta, Melilla, Islas Chafarinas, Peñón de Alhucemas, and Peñón de Vélez de la Gomera.

The Spanish mainland is bordered to the south and east almost entirely by the Mediterranean Sea (except for a small land boundary with Gibraltar); to the north by France, Andorra, and the Bay of Biscay; and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and Portugal. With an area of 504,030 km², Spain is the second largest country in Western Europe (behind France) and with an average altitude of 650 m, the second highest country in Europe (behind Switzerland). Its total area is 504,782 km2 (194,897 sq mi) of which 499,542 km2 (192,874 sq mi) is land and 5,240 km2 (2,023 sq mi) is water. Spain lies between latitudes 26° and 44° N, and longitudes 19° W and 5° E. Its Atlantic coast is 710 km (441 mi) long. The Pyrenees mountain range, extends 435 km (270 mi) from the Mediterranean to the Bay of Biscay. In the extreme south of Spain lie the Straits of Gibraltar, which separate Spain and the rest of Europe from Ceuta and Morocco in north Africa; at its narrowest extent, Spain and Morocco are separated by only 13 km (8.1 mi).