The Slovak Group started broadcasting at Radio 4EB as the Czechoslovakian Group from 1 December 1979 then from 20 June 1987 broadcasting as the Slovak Group and their first committee members were:

Committee Members: M Cervenak, K Green, A Koda, P Vitko and E Dizo

Slovakia is a landlocked Central European country with mountainous regions in the north and flat terrain in the south.

Slovakia lies between 49°36’48” and 47°44’21” northern latitude and 16°50’56” and 22°33’53” eastern longitude.

The northernmost point is near Beskydok, a mountain on the border with Poland near the village of Oravská Polhora in the Beskides. The southernmost point is near the village of Patince on the Danube on the border with Hungary. The westernmost point is on the Morava River near Záhorská Ves on the Austrian border. The easternmost point is close to the summit of Kremenec, a mountain near the village of Nová Sedlica at the meeting point of Slovak, Polish, and Ukrainian borders.

The highest point is at the summit of Gerlachovský štít in the High Tatras, 2,655 m (8,710.6 ft), the lowest point is the surface of the Bodrog River on the Hungarian border at 94 m (308.4 ft).

The country’s area is 48,845 km2 (18,859 sq mi). 31% is arable land, 17% pastures, 41% forests, 3% cultivated land. The remaining 8% is mostly covered with human structures and infrastructure, and partly with rocky mountain ridges and other unimproved land. Slovakia borders Poland in the north – 547 km (339.9 mi), Ukraine in the east – 98 km (60.9 mi), Hungary in the south – 679 km (421.9 mi), Austria in the south-west – 106 km (65.9 mi), and the Czech Republic in the north-west – 252 km (156.6 mi) for a total border length of 1,672 km (1,038.9 mi).