Program Main Hosts (rotational)

  • Pelu Veikoso
  • Limapo Hopoate
  • Richard Niu
  • Sulieni Layt
  • Silia Laukau
  • Leonie Tu’itahi
  • William Mahanga

Regular Program Co-Hosts

First Monday – Salesi Moala – Education
Second Monday – Dr. Pule Kaitu’u – Health
Third Monday – Mosese Faleafa – Finance
Fourth Monday – Falepaini Maile – Pacific Seasonal Workers

Program Information

1st Monday

Ama takiloa (Enlightment)

This program explores Education and its importance in the 21st century.  It covers basic essentials for students and carers alike to collaborate and complete their schooling (primary & secondary) as well as supporting those who pursue tertiary level, whether it be training in apprenticeship programs at TAFE, or doing post graduate studies at Universities.

2nd Monday

Siu ‘a e manuma’a (Flight of the multicoloured fruit dove)

The main focus of this program is on health and wellbeing of the Tongan community in Queensland. It will aim to inform about appropriate healthcare services, helpful tips on nutrition, safe practices in our homes and local community, as well as promoting quality living and active lifestyle.

3rd Monday

Fakatu’amelie (Striving for prosperity)

This program will explore ways of how to utilise resources wisely be it human resources or monetary terms.  It will provide general information about the economy, tips to managing finance and businesses, as well as familiarisation with our taxation system and the law. 

4th Monday

Heilala (Garcinia sessilis)

This program offers general guidance in matters relating to Local council, State and Federal laws.  It’ll inform listeners about their general legal rights, the types of courts and the cases specific to them, as well as guiding them to the appropriate channel of legal aid should they need to inquire and access.

5th Monday

Fetu’ufuka (Elusive comet)

As the name suggests, this program is not on every month however it will focus on Tongan composers, songwriters, traditional and modern bands.  Listeners may request songs, give shout out and dedications to love ones, as well as announcing special celebratory and social public events.

Previous Programs

15 Apr 2024, 8pm

15 Apr 2024, 8pm Voice of Tonga Monday

12 Apr 2024, 6am

12 Apr 2024, 6am Voice of Tonga Monday

8 Apr 2024, 8pm

8 Apr 2024, 8pm Voice of Tonga Monday

5 Apr 2024, 6am

5 Apr 2024, 6am Voice of Tonga Monday

1 Apr 2024, 8pm

1 Apr 2024, 8pm Voice of Tonga Monday

29 Mar 2024, 6am

29 Mar 2024, 6am Voice of Tonga Monday

25 Mar 2024, 8pm

25 Mar 2024, 8pm Voice of Tonga Monday

22 Mar 2024, 6am

22 Mar 2024, 6am Voice of Tonga Monday