Serbian Program is broadcasted on Radio 4EB twice a week. The program is on Serbian language featuring a variety of Serbian music from folk, pop to modern, interesting interviews with our local, Australian and European celebrities, cool Balkan tunes, occasional poetry reading, comedy segment and pearls of wisdom segment, + discussions with the guests on film/theatre/arts & culture as well as the news from Serbia and overseas.

The subscribers from Serbian group enjoy interacting with the broadcasters of Serbian program which strengthens our bond with local ethnic communities and enables listeners to connect with their native language, music and culture, provide the information and educate.

Serbian broadcasters cover a vast variety of local events throughout the year from Brisbane Serbian Festival to Serbian Film Festival in Australia/QLD, monthly community events at Serbian-Australian clubs in Brisbane, local folkloric festivals and local/Australian/European celebrity music concerts, Serbian Theatre Nights and various festivals.

Previous Programs

16 Aug 2022, 9pm

16 Aug 2022, 9pm Serbian Tuesday

9 Aug 2022, 9pm

9 Aug 2022, 9pm Serbian Tuesday

2 Aug 2022, 9pm

2 Aug 2022, 9pm Serbian Tuesday

26 Jul 2022, 9pm

26 Jul 2022, 9pm Serbian Tuesday

19 Jul 2022, 9pm

19 Jul 2022, 9pm Serbian Tuesday

12 Jul 2022, 9pm

12 Jul 2022, 9pm Serbian Tuesday

5 Jul 2022, 9pm

5 Jul 2022, 9pm Serbian Tuesday

28 Jun 2022, 9pm

28 Jun 2022, 9pm Serbian Tuesday