This program is based on Persian cultural beliefs and promoting morality, wisdom, ethics and human rights.

Each program includes health, scientific findings, literature, technology, art, music, cinema, history and English Language literacy.

This program tries to raise public awareness about diseases and physical and mental health issues through interviews with clinical expertise. The aim of these interviews is to increase people’s knowledge and information about health and well-being to increase public wellness.

رادیو نوای دل ، جمعه هر دو هفته یکبار ساعت ۹ شب از راديو بر روی موج ٩٨٠١ از بریزبین استرالیا پخش ميشود و شامل بخش های فرهنگی، تاریخی ،علمی،ادبی، داستانی و آموزشی است

Broadcast Team

Setareh Motieian (Editor), Maryam Kia (Editor)

Parvin Azima, Parvaneh Madihi, Hamideh Riyahi, Ramin Attarian, Nasrin Movahed, Shahrzad Kashani,
Shahla Pagoutan, Aida Alehashem, Vahid Amiri, Saeed Tabatabaei, Parvaneh Birak, Javad Ragheb, Mojtaba besantan, Peyman Niknazar

PAYAM is a program for Information and Awareness and airs every second Friday.

پیام برنامه ای است در راستای اطلاع رسانی و آگاهی

This Persian program consists of five main important sections, including: Companionship, News, Entertainment, Information and Education.

  1. Companionship
  2. News consists of social and political news and can be homeland, local and international news.
  3. Entertainment: Music, preferably new and pop songs and Satire.
  4. Information: Scientific, Health and literature from reliable sources as an article, or by a qualified person.
  5. Education: Interview with a person who is an expert or presentation of a short article in science, art or literature.

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