We have been broadcasting weekly radio program in Nepali language since 2006 on Radio 4EB 98.1. The main objective of the radio program is to make the presence of Nepali community in Brisbane visible in the multicultural society of Queensland.

Through the radio program and related activities, we have been able to establish connections with many other cultures and communities and share our culture and tradition.

We broadcast in Nepali language, and the program covers a wide range of topics including Nepali music, language, culture, history and contemporary social issues.

We entertain our listeners with music, and at the same time make them aware of community events and happenings. We would like to request the members of local Nepali community to keep listening the radio program and provide us their feedback and suggestions.

Previous Programs

2 Dec 2022, 8pm

2 Dec 2022, 8pm Namaste Brisbane (Nepalese)

25 Nov 2022, 8pm

25 Nov 2022, 8pm Namaste Brisbane (Nepalese)

18 Nov 2022, 8pm

18 Nov 2022, 8pm Namaste Brisbane (Nepalese)

11 Nov 2022, 8pm

11 Nov 2022, 8pm Namaste Brisbane (Nepalese)

4 Nov 2022, 8pm

4 Nov 2022, 8pm Namaste Brisbane (Nepalese)

28 Oct 2022, 9pm

28 Oct 2022, 9pm Namaste Brisbane (Nepalese)

21 Oct 2022, 8pm

21 Oct 2022, 8pm Namaste Brisbane (Nepalese)

14 Oct 2022, 8pm

14 Oct 2022, 8pm Namaste Brisbane (Nepalese)