We are a group of friends, who get together every Tuesday at 8 pm and perform an hour radio show. In this hour, we talk about different topics, things such as important news from the past week, sport events, science, political and cultural subjects, poetry and literature, book introduction, discussing various exhibitions and events happening in Brisbane, and we play kids’ music and stories.

Also, for various medical issues, we have some Brisbane-based medical experts and doctors regularly on our show to provide you with the best advice.

Overall, our goal is to lift the awareness of our listeners and ourselves about different topics. So, Mano Besho (Listen to my sound)!

سلام ، ما چند نفر هر هفته چهارشنبه ها ساعت ١٠ شب دور هم جمع ميشيم و يك ساعت برنامه راديويى اجرا ميكنيم . تو اين يك ساعت در مورد موضوعات مختلفى حرف ميزنيم ، از جمله خبرهاى هفته ى گذشته ، اتفاقات ورزشى ، مباحث علمى – سياسى – فرهنگى ، شعر و ادبيات ، معرفى كتاب ، معرفى مراسم و نمايشگاه هايى كه در بريزبن اتفاق ميافتند ، موسيقى و قصه هاى كودكان . 

همينطور براى طرح مباحث پزشكى ، پزشكان مقيم بريزبن به دعوت ما در برنامه حضور دارند تا مستئل پزشكى رو بررسى كنند . 

بطور كلى هدف ما بالا بردن سطح آگاهى خودمون و شنونده هاست .

Previous Programs

16 Jul 2024, 8pm

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9 Jul 2024, 8pm Mano Beshno (Persian)

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2 Jul 2024, 8pm Mano Beshno (Persian)

25 Jun 2024, 8pm

25 Jun 2024, 8pm Mano Beshno (Persian)

18 Jun 2024, 8pm

18 Jun 2024, 8pm Mano Beshno (Persian)

11 Jun 2024, 8pm

11 Jun 2024, 8pm Mano Beshno (Persian)

4 Jun 2024, 8pm

4 Jun 2024, 8pm Mano Beshno (Persian)

28 May 2024, 8pm

28 May 2024, 8pm Mano Beshno (Persian)